Welcome to Carolina Healthcare Providers where Medical Director, Jose L. Armstrong, M.D. offers safe and effective medical acupuncture treatment through the activation of the body’s natural pain control and healing mechanisms.


Acupuncture is an ancient medical art that began in China. Because it proved so beneficial it has lasted for thousands of years. With medical acupuncture, the patient will receive analysis of both acupuncture needs and medical needs in accordance with Western physiology and medicine. The ability to combine the best of traditional acupuncture with Western medicine assures the patient the best possible outcome.

Jose L. Armstrong, M.D. has been trained in medical acupuncture through the U.C.L.A. Medical Acupuncture Program. He has been teaching medical acupuncture since 1996 and strongly believes that when the old medical art of acupuncture is combined with standard medical care, it unleashes the body’s potential for faster healing. 


Mission Statement

Dr. Jose L. Armstrong is an internist who dedicates his Medical Practice to the philosophy of managing patients’ pain and illness by integrating traditional and alternative medicine, in pursuit of the best possible outcome. Dr. Armstrong not only enjoys treating patients with acupuncture, he maintains a fascination with solving the most difficult cases through comprehensive treatment plans.